Many years of experience in casting of copper alloys

Medeko Cast s.r.o. was established in 1994 as a trading company and was gradually transformed into a trading-production company.  Our main activity is the processing of non-ferrous metals and due to the wide range of produced products we can meet the demands of Slovak and foreign customers. Our products find their application in various branches of industry, such as electrical engineering, power engineering, engineering, metallurgy and many others.
 A part of the company Medeko Cast is the non-ferrous foundry that specializes in production of copper, zinc and lead alloys, tin solders, centrifugal castings and in processing of tin ashes. 
The capacity of and technologies used in our foundry enable to operatively meet the demands of customers. According to the requirements we produce and supply electrotechnical and tinman´s solders, centrifugal castings and copper alloys in short delivery dates and to the customer-defined location. We also offer a purchase of metal scrap that is then remelted and used in production.

We try to offer complex services to our customers. We provide consulting services by setting the parameters at soldering processes, we carry out chemical analysis of scrap and alloys, we supply mechanical machining of castings and consultations on a high, professional level.

Copper alloys, quality in compliance with EN

The quality of our products is very important for us, and therefore all the products produced by our company are in compliance with STN EN 9453:2006 and their production is even tightened up with internal rules. Alloys used for production are produced in compliance with STN, EN, DIN or customer specifications. The chemical composition is continuously monitored with spark spectrometer and it is on demand proved by a certificate in compliance with EN 10204/3.1.
We supply the castings in a machined state in tolerances that ensure a minimal scrap at further machining and therefore save the costs of our customers. The machined castings are checked to 100%. Dimensions, presence of potential foundry defects and on demand also mechanical attributes are checked.

Technologies used in production of copper alloys

In our production, we use two casting technologies. Gravity casting and centrifugal casting. In gravity casting the alloy is prepared in an electric or gas oven, where it is metallurgically treated to reach the requested attributes. The prepared melting is freely cast into a metal mould – cast-iron mould. After heating up the cast-iron mould to its operating temperature and treating it with a heat-resistant coating, it is ready for another casting. After the hardening the casting is removed from the metal mould and is let to cool down.
By centrifugal casting the alloy is prepared in an electric resistance oven. The melted metal is cast into a prepared rotating metal mould. The centrifugal force at casting causes that the metal is pushed towards the walls of the mould and the pressure helps to reach a tight contact between the metal and the mould. Gases and inclusions are pushed to the centre of rotation, on the inner wall of the casting. Since the casting is gradually hardening from the wall of the mould to the axis of rotation, the remaining liquid metal is pushed into the cavities, causing a higher homogenity of the casting. This production method ensures a high density and excellent mechanical qualities of the cast semi-products. After the hardening the casting is removed from the metal mould and is let to cool down.
The experience and high expertise of our employees enable us to cast castings from a wide range of materials, in accordance with the requirements of our customers. We cast these copper alloys: tin bronzes, aluminium bronzes, brasses, zinc alloys, lead and lead-free solders for electrotechnical industry, tinman´s solders, bearing and printing alloys, lead alloys.

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